Export YouTube Subscriptions (OPML) Directly from within YouTube (finally)

Old Stuff

A year ago I posted here, to show how to export your YouTube subscriptions, as no native tool existed at the time.

I am glad to say that the process has changed. No longer is a five step external process needed for something that should have been so easy from with in YouTube. Continue reading “Export YouTube Subscriptions (OPML) Directly from within YouTube (finally)”

Change Management…Change Your Evil Ways!

Wait, you’re supposed to manage changes?

Change management, change tracking, change control, simple words that mean so many different things to people.

Most companies have some process to manage changes to their environment. Some even have an idea why they do it. Yeah, I did say most and not all, because the processes and the extent to which they are followed is often quite lacking in the wild. Continue reading “Change Management…Change Your Evil Ways!”