Lots of work and little personal time

Busy, but aren’t we all.

I’m just getting home from a week on site for a merger/system migration and I’m as sick as a dog. I’m either getting a cold or it’s just coming back into the horrible air in Fresno.

On the relocation front, we are still looking to relocate to the Monterey area. After a couple of trips we have pinned down where we don’t want to live. Hoping to have that all nailed down with in the next month or so.

I was contemplating moving this blog to Github and rewrite it in Jekyll. Alas that is on hold until I have more config time. I’ve decided it was better to start outputting content instead of worrying about the medium so much. I have several things in the works and since I got a real microphone and accessories for my birthday in March, I will be starting to add video tutorials etc on Youtube again.

That’s all for now. Have a great week.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb / www.bollingerusa.com

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