Citrix NetScaler CCP-N Exam 1Y0-350 Objectives 1.01 Set initial Hostname, NetScaler IP, subnet and gateway

I’ll be sharing my notes on the objectives, research, labs, and videos here. I hope someone finds them useful.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb /

Objective 1.01 Set initial Hostname, NetScaler IP, subnet and gateway

There are four ways to set the initial Hostname, NetScaler IP, subnet, and gateway of a NetScaler.

First time use wizard via web browser

Connect a computer to the same physical network as the appliance. Give the computer an IP address on the network excluding The NetScaler appliance default address is Open a web browser tohttp:// to access the First time Setup Wizard. From this wizard the Hostname, NetScaler IP, subnet, gateway, and more. After the last wizard select Reboot when prompted.

LCD keypad

The initial configuration of the NetScaler IP, subnet, and gateway can be set using the LCD and keypad on the physical NetScaler appliance. On the Keypad there are 5 keys. The “<” key moves the cursor to the left and the first button to press to begin the initial configuration. The “>” key moves the cursor to the right. The “^” increments the digit at the cursor position and “v” decrement the digit. The “.” key is the enter key. If no information is changed the “.” key is interpreted as exit. If all the values are valid, an accepted and rebooting message appears and the appliance reboots.

Note: The hostname cannot be configured at the LCD keypad. Default hostname is NS.

Serial console

Connect a console cable to the appliances RS232 console port and the other end to your computer.

Real world note: Today’s laptops/computers may not have a physical serial port. In these situations you may need to use an USB to serial adapter.

Open a terminal emulation program. Configure the communication settings to 9600 Baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, parity, and No flow control. Press Enter until a logon prompt appears. Logon with the default credentials of nsroot/nsroot and follow the prompts to complete the initial configuration.

Alternatively you enter the following commands manually.

set ns config –ipaddress -netmask  
add ns ip -type  
add route  
set system user -password  
save ns config  
To set the hostname at the command line enter the below.
set ns hostname <hostname>  

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

A NetScaler that does not have a configuration file will attempt to use a DHCP server to be assigned an address. The NetScaler vendor class must be configured on the DHCP server in order to be
assigned an address. The NetScaler polls the DHCP server and provides its sysid. The DHCP server reply’s assigning the subnet IP (SNIP).


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