What is RSS?

There are multiple versions of RSS which include three different definitions to the acronym. Whether you call it RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication, RSS refers to an XML file format popularly used to distribute web content.

RSS and it’s cousin format Atom are commonly used to subscribe to web feeds that among other things, notify you we new content is posted to a website or blog by using a news/web feed client.

There are many online option for RSS client/reader as well as browser add ins and local clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Most have a free or trial options so try a few and find one that suits your needs. Find ones that will import and export OPML files so you can take your subscription list with you.

What is OPML?

RSS Feeds Categories <- Click here for RSS Feeds and Public OPML link by Categories

I try to use my time as efficiently as possible so I have time to follow the rabbit down the hole when I wish.

Going to one central console which notifies me of any changes to 1000+ separate websites and blogs is more efficient for me then the impossible task of visiting the websites at random to see if there is new content.

My job duties covers multiple technical responsibilities so it is important for me to monitor multiple technologies and industries to just stay current.

You can’t read everything, view every video, study every tutorial, so don’t try. Search is your friend on the web and in your RSS client too.

Hot topics will we blogged about, great blog posts will be re-posted. You’ll see the cream when it floats to the top. Keep in mind that crap also floats but you can unsubscribe to feeds at any time.

When following a large number of feeds you will also find the gems in the rough. The little followed blog that just wrote the perfect article or tutorial that seemed as if it was specifically written for you.

So in recap follow a large number of feeds prune them to your needs and learn as much as you can from the cream and gems, and unsubscribe to the crap.

Life is a fire hose of information shooting straight at you. It’s up to you how much you sip from it.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb / www.bollingerusa.com

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