7 Travel Tips and Throbbing Body Parts

Throbbing Body Parts

My backside throbbing, After a four day business trip in UT, I shuffled into the apartment and kissed my wife. Extremely sore from taking a spill on ice the second morning in the work parking lot.

  • I hadn’t brought boots.
  • I didn’t expect snow and ice on the ground.
  • I hadn’t done my research.

One Misstep and My Coccyx

So, BAM right on to my coccyx. From the height of the SUV back seat to directly to My Back Seat on the ice and asphalt. A bruised tailbone and ego, from falling on my ass in front of a new team member and my boss. To their credit they didn’t laugh. Though I hope they at least had a chuckle later. I should ask for the parking lot security cam footage for my b-roll.

Just Relax

I took some muscle relaxers immediately. Which helped the neck and back muscles from staying in spasm. But didn’t help too much with staying awake and try not to be grumpy. The remaining trip was spent working around a conference table. I alternated between awkwardly sitting and standing in front of a cardboard box on the table creating make shift standing desk.

Update 20150113:

It has been six days since my fall and I’m still hurting pretty bad whenever any pressure is put on my tailbone. The good news was nothing was broken but the pain may last for a month to several weeks. Doctor said nothing was broke. Wife asked “What’s that big crack then?” She keeps me smiling and I left with two prescriptions and still having a pain in the ass.


Lesson Learned

Though I had checked the weather to plan my clothing, I had neglected the fact there was still snow and ice still on the ground.


The following are 7 tips I use while traveling. As you can see from above the list is an evolving document. Why seven you ask. Because it has taken me a few drug hazed days and aching behind to get this written. So here you go.

Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

  • Tip 1

Check the weather (as well as the ground conditions snow, ice, rain) not only your destination but your layovers too. Anyone that has been stranded during a layover with inappropriate clothing can immediately relate. Make sure to carry on your jacket you may not have access to checked luggage if your flight is delayed or rescheduled the next day. Shouts out to Chicago. I’m talking about you.

Organized Drugs

  • Tip 2

Medication. Remember to not only bring you daily medication, vitamins, and minerals, bring a selection of reactionary medicine such as head ache, pain relief, sleeping aids, allergy medicines, to name a few. I use a weekly pill organizer with sections for am and pm and put it in my briefcase. I put it in the briefcase so I have access to it on the plane as well as at work when forgetting to take them before leaving the hotel. I’ve never been asked but I would make sure that your name is on any prescriptions that requires it.

ZipLocks and ZipTies

  • Tip 3

ZipLock bags both the gallon and sandwich sizes. Useful for left overs, snacks, and warming stuff up in the microwave. Great for holding small part when your bored and taking stuff apart. They also make great ice packs. A wet wash cloth in a sandwich bag 15 seconds in the microwave makes a great heat pack as well. So versatile.

  • Tip 4

ZipTies because tearing things apart always comes with putting things back together.

Driver and Bits

  • Tip 5

Driver and bits, including security bits. How many times do you go to open your hotel windows and it opens about and inch then slams into a screw or piece of metal screwed preventing you from opening the windows. I’m sure they do it for our safety and it probably keeps people from falling out. Remove the screws at your own risk and please put them back when you leave.

Kitchen Bags and Microwave Popcorn

  • Tip 6

I use kitchen size garbage bags for two main purposes. First and foremost as a garbage bag because those little garbage cans they put it your room are over flowing in about 10 minutes. The second purpose as an ice bag. Yes, a large ice bag. One ice run 5-10 pounds of ice and you’re in for the night.

  • Tip 7

Burnt Microwave Popcorn smell trumps other smells. Some hotels that have policies against things like candles and incense, and may fine you as if it was the same as smoking. Just Sayin’. Use only in emergency. A little Ozium goes a long way.

Those are 7 of my favorites. If you have some great ones of your own, please share.

I hope you enjoyed and have fun.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb / www.bollingerusa.com

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