A Little Pizazz for Free From FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Royalty Free Stock Photos

Looking a little bland, I thought my blog needed a few pictures. I wanted good quality pictures and graphics but they needed to be low cost or free.

Free, not stolen.

I wanted to make sure I attributed the works appropriately.

Several options surfaced right away. Websites like iStockphoto and shutterstock offering standard stock photography of good quality and low cost. Some Free Public Domain sites.

Then I came across http://freedigitalphotos.net, which allows royalty free photo usage for both personal and business. Every small sized version of each image is free to use as long as attribution is published. If you do not wish to attribute credit then the cost is $3. The price scales up according to image size.

Just one of the ways I’m trying to make this blog better. I’m also working on being disciplined enough to publish with regularity. I appreciate everyone staying with me during the website evolution.

Please note I am not associated with FreeDigitalPhotos.net nor have been paid to blog about them.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb / www.bollingerusa.com

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