My List of RSS Feeds: Updated, Sorted, and Culled

When I take sips from the Information Firehose, a large portion of it comes from the hydrant that is RSS. So today instead of sipping and imbibing one feed, let’s bust open the hydrant and play in the street like kids. OK, I know it’s the middle of winter but allow a little poetic license. 😉

For those of you who do not know what RSS or OPML means <-visit my posts.

RSS Feeds Categories <- Click here for RSS Feeds and Public OPML link by Categories

Massive and neglected or Massively neglected

I have been in the process of updating and sorting RSS feeds for months. Placing them into categories and culling the herd as it were. Broken feeds and blogs that didn’t end up fulfilling my expectations were deleted.

Some people have Candy crush or smoke crack. I have tagging, sorting, and labeling.

I have recently come to the realization that those kinds of tasks, for me, are never complete. Whether it’s because, while reviewing the feed, I fall head over heels into the rabbit hole and end up binge reading an entire site or follow links to other gems. Such as a twitter feed or another blog I didn’t know about.

Be Agile

So I’ve decided to go all Agile on it and publish frequently, or more accurately, publish continuously. The service I use for reading my RSS feeds is Inoreader. I will blog about my experience leading to and being with Inoreader separately.

Inoreader allows you to publish or share your curated feeds in different ways.



My Favorite way to share by Folders and Tags. You can follow a Folder via a RSS Feed, HTML Sample, or a Public OPML. The RSS Feed contains all the individual articles of all the feeds in the folder. The HTML sample is simply a sample page of articles from the feeds in the folder. The public OPML file is the OPML file listing all the feed URLs.

The Structure

You may notice the hierarchical structure is the same as I use for my Twitter Lists. This structure allows me to drill in and focus in on specific topics. For example DFIR is a subcategory of Security. Which is a subcategory of Technology. Malware/Reversing is also a subcategory of Security. Security’s feed would include all the subcategories feeds. Confusing enough? I told you I was crazy, but go with it Alice.

Don’t  be Mean

You don’t have to agree with the categories or that I need to add or move this or that. It’s for me, I’ve had less, I’ve had more. I’m not saying you can’t offer suggestions. Please do, but don’t be mean or I’ll have to give you a swifty. If you can use it and find benefit, be grateful and use it in good health. If you have an blog you think I would like that pertains to any the categories either tweet me or post a comment below.

Pass the Flux

That said, consider the list in a constant state of flux. I’ll usually add an item to a general category first. Then as I examine the blog or URL I categorize it into a more detailed category. Blogs can be in more than one category depending on the topics they publish. I remove broken feeds when I see them. Sometimes though, I’ll wait hoping a favorite feed will resurrect itself. For stale and out of date blogs that still host content, I leave them in the OPML. There are a lot of great finds in the dungeons of some of these old sites.

See the links below. Have fun falling down a hole too!

Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb /

RSS Feeds Categories <- Click here for RSS Feeds and Public OPML link by Categories


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