Export YouTube Subscriptions (OPML) Directly from within YouTube (finally)

Old Stuff

A year ago I posted here, to show how to export your YouTube subscriptions, as no native tool existed at the time.

I am glad to say that the process has changed. No longer is a five step external process needed for something that should have been so easy from with in YouTube.

Two Clicks

First, click on the Manage subscriptions button on the bottom left hand side menu.youtubesubmanager

Second, from the Manage Subscriptions page navigate to the bottom and click on the Export subscriptions button. Select the file name and location to be saved.


And Done!

That’s it! This makes me so happy. Hopefully this will help you, if you hadn’t noticed it was added as well.

For more information on what an OPML file is see my post here.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb / www.bollingerusa.com

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