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EC2 Snapshots in a Snap with PowerShell

I needed a process that would give me basic protection in AWS and take snapshots of my EC2 instances as a DR/BR backup process.

The EC2 snapshots are kept in S3 which gives me 99.99% availability, across the other availability zones in the AWS region. Meaning I’d be covered from an AZ failure. Continue reading “EC2 Snapshots in a Snap with PowerShell”

AWS WorkSpaces, VDI Minus the Infrastructure

Get AWS VD today! oh, OK I get it, AWS WorkSpaces! 🙂

WorkSpaces. What is it?

VDI minus the I? Not quite, but could almost be.Depending our your desktop workload, AWS WorkSpaces could be a viable virtual desktop environment. Amazon WorkSpaces is a “managed desktop computing service in the cloud”. Continue reading “AWS WorkSpaces, VDI Minus the Infrastructure”

Learning New Things and Enjoying IT

This year has been fun and extremely busy. Quite the whirlwind. I had Alien Vault training in AZ, Citrix Synergy in Orlando, and recently learning Amazon Web Services. All this and 5 blog posts in draft. I decided to power on and not get stuck in the log jam. I’m sure I’ll eventually finish the other posts but I want to get things in motion again.

I’m having fun diving deeper on my favorite topics as well as learning new things. Topics like Citrix NetScaler, AlienVault, and AWS. Continue reading “Learning New Things and Enjoying IT”