Happy New Year’s and a New Home

Happy New Year’s one and all.

Hello 2016

2015 is backed up and archived. Well not all of it. You may have noticed, the blog design and location has changed yet again.

The virtual machine that I did all my posting from, (Linux>Ghost>buster to export>github) had a vmdk deleted and the backups over wrote before I noticed. It serves me right for too long in between posts. Yes, Veeam Endpoint Backup is now in place. Continue reading “Happy New Year’s and a New Home”

Export YouTube Subscriptions to XLS to Backup and Share (depreciated)

This post has been depreciated please go to Export OPML Directly from within YouTube (finally)

Why would you want of list of YouTube channel subscriptions?

To follow them via a RSS client of course. Oh, yeah as a backup too. in case your account is deleted or taken over. Continue reading “Export YouTube Subscriptions to XLS to Backup and Share (depreciated)”