Pinterest Website Tracking

Pinterest Creepiness


While viewing and validating Pinterest settings I found the Personalization option pretty interesting and thought you may as well.

To help you Pinterest uses a cookie to view what sites you’ve visited to show you Related Pins and other recommendations.

Following the Learn More (Also displayed below) Says the “Pinterest-infused sites” are the only websites tracked.

What that means I’m not sure.

I’d like Pinterest to define it though. Even if just for clarification sake. Because hey, they are giving you the option to turn off the default of ON. <- Points lost for a default of on 😦

Pinterest usage of other sites FAQ

Don’t get me wrong I don’t fault Pinterest. Your account is free. What’s wrong with a few targeted ads? <-Sarcasm. Target me don’t track me.

I doubt this is new and I give them extra points by playing it up as a benefit to the user.

If privacy matters to you turn it off. If not enjoy the ride. See below.

If you start seeing sock puppets, salsa recipes and sex toys being recommended you may have this option enabled.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb /

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