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Ashes to Ashes

While pruning out dead and no longer viewed links from my RSS subscriptions, I decided to share what is but a partial stream containing blog posts, vendor blogs, YouTube channels, that is the technology information fire hose.

RSS feed? OPML?

No, RSS is not a new kid on the block. No, RSS is not dead. It is still a very efficient way to stay updated when posts are added to blog and websites.

I used to use Google Reader RSS online client but alas it is dead, I mourned its death for a day and moved on. I did not quit using RSS.

A small number of websites and blogs could be visited manually. Visiting websites at random to see if new content has been posted or be notified when it is posted. I’m sure the website owners value your contribution to their Ad revenue. Though, I choose to be notified. Simply, I believe it’s an inefficient use of my time. It’s all about automation and only having so much time in a 24 hour day.

OPML file is a XML file. Most RSS news readers can import and export OPML files. You can also browse the file manually and see if anything look interesting. I’ve sorted the feed URLs in categories according my own criteria. I’ve tried to not duplicate the same link in multiple categories by either putting them in a more general topic or the category I deemed most relevant. The majority of feeds are technology related or following a technology person. Those that aren’t simply aren’t. Sometimes the rabbit hole leads to pretty surprising places.

What is OPML?

Below you’ll find the link to my OPML located in my github repository. Look for updates there. I’ll try to update this link periodically.

RSS Feeds Categories <- Click here for RSS Feeds and Public OPML link by Categories

If I’m missing anything you think I would be interested in please let me know.


Scott Bollinger / kfalconspb /

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